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Being a chronicle of likely failures :)

EA Tir na N'Og as dormant Frost Father W9A4, dominion 7, scale Sloth 1.

The reason to play the elves is the Tuatha and Sidhe troops, with the capacity for complete stealth armies and innate Mirror Image: Tuatha with W9 on them gives a defence of 22 and ignores the first hit taken, and all the elf commanders are priests. Fluff says the lesser races outnumber the elves, but given how good the elves are at fighting things... so anyway. Expanding with Tuatha and Sidhe, which seem to kill independents like RAID. They're almost invulnerable to arrows (combination of shield, high defence skill and mirror image) and because they have javelins to throw they actually work relatively well in large formations.

Versus Ur... not too bad. Losses are taken in extremely unequal fights, but the combination of long weapons and magic weapons is a nice one. I've made up for my terrible, terrible missile troops by recruiting the sparkliest of sparkly units, independent Pegasus Riders: as a bless strategy, plonking down a castle and a temple anywhere I can recruit sacred independents doesn't seem daft.

Versus Ermor, again, the solution of 'throw more elves at it' seems just to work. In fact, 'throw more elves at it' seems to work in general - also, Lugh the Long-Handed, once given armour and a hat and firmly ordered to stop pretending he's a mage, is a perfectly good supercombatant.

It's also quite fun to play without really caring where my Dominion is, because all it does is make people lazy.

Late game was ... interesting. I froze the sea, a tactic that an AI sea race can't apparently handle; I like to think that they gave up on the surface world as a bad job. Tir's only real siege options are summons and numbers; throwing more elves at it appears to work for most varieties of 'it', but things that can actually hit them are a bit more trouble - in particular, fireballs are a real pain. Also, giving Lugh winged sandals had the hilarious consequence that he would charge screaming into battle, slaughter his way halfway through the enemy army, decide he was feeling a bit peaky actually and zoom off into the stratosphere leaving his troops in the lurch - I eventually solved the defeats caused by Lugh's chronic cowardice by waking up an ancient tree and having it transfigure itself into something that could walk, so that at least there was something on the map which wouldn't hightail it at the first sniff of hit point loss and spook my elf-shaped steamrollers into running for the hills.

Oh, and Ermor kept trying to assassinate my animated trees, which was somewhat hilarious.

The one thing that really gave me trouble was that one faction was led by a pet rock. This rock had a damage shield. My elves refused to stand off and throw things at the rock until it broke, deciding instead to run lemminglike at the thing and go splat. Then Lugh stole up to it with trepidation, tapped it gently once, felt the damage shield and ran screaming in his usual reaction to any damage taken; that gentle tap, of course, caused it to explode violently. My, wasn't his face red (once he'd stopped running). Problem was, that damage could've killed him, and he was one of my only level-3 priests. So I ended up avoiding all further contact with the pet rock because I didn't have a sensible way of killing it without losing an army.

Next up should be a race which requires more strategy than 'tide of elves'. I tire of being unable to see my army through their illusions.

Thus, MA Machaka as dormant Divine Glyph F4E4S3, dominion 8, scale Order 1 Productivity 3 Heat 3 (Machaka like it hot) Luck 3 (I like Luck).
That's right, he's an asleep eldritch marking.

Expansion here is handled by vast clouds of poorly equipped warriors and pygmy archers on the grounds that quantity is a quality all its own. (Turns out that *well led* quantity is a quality all its own. ^^;)
One of the things you probably ought to know about Machaka, if you're not aware of it, is that your Spider Riders will, when they lose all their hitpoints, not actually die but instead turn into Giant Spiders which carry on fighting for you. This makes them substantially better than they seem. --SF
Mmm. Machaka's light infantry can't take heavies under almost any circumstances. Their heavies, though expensive aren't terrible and their cavalry is halfway between light cav and monstrous creatures. And their sacreds cost more per unit than many commanders do. Perhaps I should try and handle early expansion with a dragon. --R?

Vs. Jotunheim: Mostly, so far, get beaten like a drum. The chaff that I've been using to take independents won't even serve to pin a Jotun shieldwall in place, and they are basically immune to pygmy arrows.

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