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Requiem is a net pseudonym for a certain ex-student of ChurchillCollege. He does not really mind being referred to as Requiem in RealLife, but generally will answer faster if referred to as Ian. And he's got a strange tendency to use the third person... I guess I'd better stop that.

Still lurked.

Currently playing /Dominions 4, making notes on that page to keep track or something.

An idea for a duplicitous /Colonisation card game.

Usually to be found submerged in a pile of assorted cabling and electronics somewhere in the PlasticLogic? lab.

I got /Married? to Koryne on the 14th of July 2007.

I post on various ReligionMatters and CategoryChristian pages, and also consider myself to be part of CategoryRandom and occasionally CategoryVoices. I'm a Christian who tends to consider denominations to be somewhat missing the point. Oh - and I am what's generally known as a spelling pedant. Unrepentantly. Also, I am very bad at updating pages.

Once had a LiveJournal [Here]. It's occasionally coherent, and massively out of date.

I'm reachable at Requiem dot 17 dot 23 at Google's lovely mail service dot com. This now works - sorry to people who've tried and failed to reach me there before.

I thought I'd add a /GuestBook, just for the hell of it.

I'm often a strange Pink? colour, as people who know me IRL will attest.

RolePlaying pages:
/Candle's /BodyCount was less than Raven's, but still significant. The page will be recycled next year for CURSWiki: Enemy. No, no it won't, on the basis that CURSWiki: Enemy has far, far too much bickering to ever kill anything. We killed a mortal or two, didn't we?
/CandleQuotes are on occasion funny.
/Rules resources and
/Reports on other games.
And a random Exalted /PlotGenerator.
For more: check out CURSWiki: CURSWiki or the Treasure Trap player wiki.

I used to play /MtG but got out of date about Guildpact.

/Quotes are possibly funny. In places. From a certain angle.

Ah, yes. A Requiem is also a funeral mass, usually musical. Coincidentally, I'm a fan of them. Nice music. Shiiny.

Fiction I once deemed good enough to put on the wiki will go here:
/Loss (stark depression)
/Eventide (high-fantasy goth)
/FromTheTop (anti-goth)
[Payment] (random oddity)
CURSWiki: Requiem/Morning (vague attempt at the style of Anne McCaffrey?)
For more roleplaying related fiction, see [my CURSWiki page].

Going to Church doesnt make you a Christian, just as standing in a garage doesnt make you a car.

1. Jesus is born.
2. He sees a world of pain.
3. He shoulders that pain.
4. He finds an answer.
5. He takes it onto himself.
6. He dies in agony.

1. A thief asks Jesus, “Why?”
2. “I will suffer,” Jesus says,
3. “Or they will suffer.”
4. “I chose myself.”

This is a space where I put questions about technical things.

Past questions.
Will excel accept regexes as filenames for I/O?

Will a gate-drain short make a transistor latch?
Also, that's a very silly question, don't ask it again you terrible physicist.

Present question.
How hard is MatLab?? I have the opportunity to get training in it.
The answer very much depends on what you want to do with it. As a programming language it's on the more intuitive end of the spectrum, but has its quirks as they all do. Its ability to execute implicit for loops over vectors, arrays and cell-arrays provides some very powerful programming constructs that can take a lot of getting used to. Depending on the training course, they may well be able to show you some tips & tricks using less-commonly-known language features that can make things quite a bit easier if you're doing anything vaguely complex with it.
If you want to use one of the 80+ toolboxes that are available, then the answer may vary wildly with the specific toolbox. AlexChurchill only really has experience with Simulink, Stateflow, Real-Time Workshop, and the Parallel Computing Toolbox; there are lots of others, with a wide variety of conventions and toolbox-specific incantations. --AC


/CharacterGenerator (for CURSWiki: CambridgeTreasureTrap)

/CommandmentGenerator (for the same)



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