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At risk of stirring up the flames, and upsetting Sally - can we get this theory expounded a little?
No upset here - I've heard enough of Stu's rants to usually not let them get to me... I'd quite like to hear him justify the limb he's out on here to the intelligent general wikipublic - Sally

Not during exam season, sorry.

The Puritans hated bear-baiting, not because it gave pain to the bear, but because it gave pleasure to the spectators. (Thomas Macaulay)
That would gel well with WinnieThePooh's theory that they (puritans) "must not have liked bears very much".  --Vitenka

The simplistic "You are telling lies" which also condemns all forms of story beyond the purely historical is the only argument I can think of.  --Vitenka (RandomReification? doesn't always work, it seems)

More "you're trivialising life." As I said, not during exams.

I had an interesting theory explained to me a short while ago that basically stated that memory, photographs and other records of events are evil, because they trivialise the actual event itself or some such. This was in response to comments about one of the good things about the wiki being the archive of past page revisions. There was a second parallel one about having the same argument over and over again being a very good thing. I don't remember the details because I was somewhat tipsy and half-asleep at the time (although I'm pretty certain the proponents weren't. Perhaps if they are reading this they could elaborate..) - MoonShadow

Hmmm.  I can see the outlines of an interesting philosophy there.  I guess I can wait a while to have it explained to me.  I think I disagree, since it effectively limits the development of a society to the level which any given person can attain from scratch.  --Vitenka (which, for the average person, is a few steps short of barbarous cannibalism)

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