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Something that Moonshadow and Tsunami have recently taken up.
So far neither of us have fallen over, so far.....
Ok, time to update. Both Moonshadow and Tsunami have fallen over. Hell, there is a first time for everything, right? --Tsunami

The balance is the same as for IceSkating?, but I really miss having the points on the front. - MoonShadow

Photos to come
Or maybe not.... --Tsunami

This seems to be the first problem in learning to rollerblade. Chatting to one of the guys at work who has done this in the past, he says to stop, you have to put the right blade hard behind the left one(instep to the back of the lead blade), rather than dragging it out behind. That way you stop better. Will have to try this on Friday. --Tsunami

Bwahahaha...  That would require being able to balance on one blade at will.  Don't know about you but that certainly doesn't happen for me.  I recommend using the angle of the blades and thigh muscles to stop...  i.e.  angle blades towards each other while pushing outwards and/or angle blades away from each other while pulling inwards...  Follow one with the other as required making long hourglass shapes:
From my friends description, you would only have to be able to balance on one blade for a short time, after all, once the second blade is behind the first, you are in the standing position anyway. Still, I will find out tonight.... --Tsunami

 (going down page)
/\  Pull legs together
\/  Push legs apart
/\  ... etc.

Seems to work for the speeds I have reached so far (read: not very fast).  Incidentally, reversing the process is a good way of maintaining speed without having to remove a blade from the ground. --K

CategoryPhysicalActivity?, CategoryTransport, CategoryHobby?

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