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Sometimes seen in the guise of Yomiko Readman ;) - MoonShadow

But never again (the leg shaving was a bugger!) ^_^

However, I do have photos of me cosplaying as Lord Alberto of impact (Giant Robo bad guy) and looking cool (for possibly the only time in my life!)

And recently re-discovered, more photos of me as Lord Alberto and as an added bonus, photos of me at Anime day 2+3 as Amaterasu of Mikado (The Five Star Stories) and Lavar (Vampire princess Miyu), tho with that cosume, it could have been just about anybody inside!

Tsunami (the great wave)
Tsunami are caused when earthquakes in the ocean floor cause a massive amount of water to build into a wave. When this hits land, it causes terrible damage all along the seaboard.

However, that is not where I nicked the nickname from.
When I first saw TenchiMuyo (No need for Tenchi), I was taken with the ship (Tsunami), and its character. Very powerful, but very serene.
I decided to use the name, and only later became aware that it was also more commonly associated with terrible destruction.

My website can be found at http://www.jyurai.co.uk/.

A big fan of Mamoru Nagano's manga, TheFiveStarStories

Now looking for gainful employment.

I have just started my own blog called Harbour waves - covering topics that interest, alarm or tickle me. For those that are interested, you can view it [here]. --Tsunami
Livejournal RSS feed [here].
However, it has recently been switched over to the latest beta version of Blogger, and for some reason, won't let me log in, so no updates until this is fixed :( --Tsunami

Hiya! What's your name in SecondLife?? --RobHu

Hey Tsunami, yesterday a friend who's a member invited Liz and me to a service at a Japanese Buddhist splinter group called Shinnyo-en.  Most of us sat in a big marquee while the actual ceremony went on inside the temple, which we watched by videolink, and there was a guy in there among the bigwigs who was the spitting image of you.  I'm 95% convinced it wasn't... but it'd be nice to have your confirmation to lay my doubts to rest... (assuming of course that you do indeed say no!) --MJ
Not me, spent all of yesterday in the garage making a workbench and have never been to a Japanese Buddhist splinter group of any sort. --Tsunami
I thought as much... but the resemblance was so uncanny!  (You might have had something to do with splinter groups if you were woodworking yesterday though ;) --MJ
Surprisingly not one splinter was to be had, and only one small cut to a finger. I was quite surprised! :) --Tsunami

Birthday Anime.
People seemed to enjoy last years bash, so I have already started prepping series for the coming (Dec 9th, my actual birthday) bash.
I am going to relist a few things that I had last time but didn't get time to show, plus some new stuff:

Otaku no Video (sort of the early history of Gainax)
Record of Lodoss war
Sol Bianca
Black Magic M-66
Megazone 23
Patlabor (probably the TV series rather than the movies)
Mermaid tales
Kimagure Orange Rd
Gundam 0080 A war in the pocket
Armitage III
Assemble Insert
Prefectural Earth Defense Force
Blazing Exchange Student
Maison Ikkoku
Salor Moon
Iria - Zeiram the animation
And as a special treat, the (in)famous fandub, Dirty Pair does dishes

I also want to show Area 88 (preferably the original) so if anyone has this, please let me know.
I have the Mermaid fansubs lying around (ep1 quality is terrible, rest are okay) --Edwin Thanks Edwin! --Tsunami


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