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LucasArts? scripting system used by their point-and-click adventures. Abbreviation for "Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion", that being the project it was created for.

MonkeyIsland, DayOfTheTentacle?, ...

Anyone know if Loom used it?
It did, but a more advanced version than anything else.

[SCUMMVM] is a particularly good emulator, for playing those old games on newer systems.  Personally tested to destruction with SamAndMax? and DayOfTheTentacle? (stupid computer stores are selling a budget box containing them - which doesn't run on any system after win3.1) - there's also several fan made and a few retail games such as BeneathASteelSky that are now freeware available.
Hmmm. Never got round to BNASS. Perhaps I should. --CH 

And there's now [PocketSCUMM], for playing your favourite LucasArts? (or [other]) games on your PocketPC?.
Wow! So how do I get LucasArts? games for my PocketPC?? Or do I just copy over the original executables and they'll magically run? --Rachael
Just copy across all the files, and run PocketSCUMM? - it'll ask you which you want to run, and off it goes.  --Vitenka (Also bought that dopey double pack...)

A DayOfTheTentacle? cosplayer (taken at Aya '05)

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