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ShadowStar 01 - It's a star shape

IntroSequence?:  Paper cutouts, lots of kids standing around - a starfish - alien invaders ... ok, this is odd.

VampirePrincessMiyu^W a strange white glowing figure stands on the shore in the moonlight.  RollCredits?.

Shiina is dropped off from a seaplane to visit her grandpa for a week.  I'd normally not comment - but only one character moving at once is very noticable.  Everyone is held very stiffly waiting.  So anyway, after a lovely meal joking with her grandparent, Shiina is standing on her veranda enjoying the night air when she hears someone softly call her name.

Cut to next morning, Shiina is stuck with her art HomeWork?.  She goes to look at her dads old drawings, and despairs.

Next night, she is a glowing pink girl, whie someone says her name.  She doesn't like her name.  She warns her caller to be careful.  To not use that name.

Satoru (friend, boy) wakes her up at 11.  And takes her swimming (in the sea) with a bunch of other kids.  Despite warnings of the dangerous current, she swims out to the old temple gate.  Right at its base, she finds a giant badly drawn starfish, and almost drowns in surprise.    A bit of philosophy later and the coastal patrol can't find her - somehow she's laying on the dock.

That night her worried grandparents watch her sleep quietly.  Come midnight though, she goes walking to th beach.  To talk to the starfish hovering above the waves.  The starfish can fly.  And acts as a sort od surf board for her.  The japanese for wow, is, according to the translaters, screaming in terror.  You might want to remember that phrase.  After a bit of hysterical sobbing / giggling she decides it is amazing and enjoys it.

I should add that the StarFish? doesn't speak.  Possibly it doesn't understand her.  She names it HoshiMaru? (round star)  It hugs her.

It also appears to have a whale/ dragon / starship buried under the waves.  This whatever has a tatooed naked girl ib the prow and half floats, half flies.  .. It's probably not a coincidence that one of Shiina's dads drawings featured a winged whale.  Hoshimaru is acting like a stuffed toy or backpack.  She takes it home on the plane.

So... why does our heroine now appear to posess a baby starship-whale?

Ending sequence introduces a bunch of characters against a starry background.  Some of the starships have helmets, others look more like swords.  Tattoo girl looks less happy wearing a school uniform.  Black glow starships whirl past - some look like frisbees.  End on shiina cuddling her spaceship.

OP: Vitenka

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