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ShadowStar 02 - Catastrophe during the daytime

Cooking for dad, singing "My cute peking pan" morning is normal for the little girls wih the little starfish spaceship.  Her dad is an ace pilot.

Hoshimaru folds up into a useful backpack.  Shiina attends yoga class.  She is asked to partner with the new girl.  Sensei says "She's a little strange.."  Her name is Sakura Akira.  She's about as shy as it's possible to be.  I'm confused by yoga with nerf bats.  Sakura wants to become strong, without ever hitting anyone.  She has bad memories of Kendo.  (Don't we all?)

What is that 'pwee bwee bwee bwee' sounds so characteristic of outside schools in anime?
Cicadas.  It happens in manga too, it's the "miiin miiin" katakana sound effect.

Akira believes in fortune telling.  A happy encounter was foretold.  She is stunned to see Hoshimaru, and leaves quietly and quickly.  At home, above a takeaway, she pants herself calm and makes to cut her wrist with a straight razor.

She doesn't.  Instead she gets her cross-eyed spacesship out of the cupboard.

The next day, Akira didn't show up.  Shiina accidentally crushes her starfish.  The starfish catches and absorbs a fly, then wanders off with a blanket.  Her dad isn't coming home tonight.

By conincidence, Shiina ends up at Akira's fast food place.  Akira announces her presence by dropping a glass in shock.  And then obsesses on a bit of glass for a while...

Talking later - Akira doesn't want to be involved.  With the starfish stuff, she means.  She shows Shiina hers.  Flashbacks to Akira's hearing the voice - and it being a lot more disturbing for her.  She is in some way mentally connected to her skate-fish-board.

Shiina tries to cheer her up.  Akira blushes.  A third party (seen outside the school earlier) watches slyly.  "Found it"

OP: Vitenka

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