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ShadowStar 03 - The first black one

The two girls are on a bus.  Suicidal girls flying whatever it is is named Ain-Soph.  Suicidal girl is worried that the alien thingies will be stolen.  She thinks she is being watched.  The boy who was watching her eerily is sat in front of them, and we get to watch his smug grin as Shiina jokes about the notion.

They traipse through the woods.  To a secret air base.

A large black sword with an eye on legs has followed them.  Akira is scared of it, Shiina wants to make friends.  It hovers and eats its legs, and then tries to stab Shiina.  Hoshimaru saves her.  She goes surfing.  Akira is too scared to follow.

Shiina discovers that it's a bit hard to breathe at high speed.  Stopped in a clearing, she is attacked again.  It stops millimetres into her forehead and she sees visions of herself glowing pink again.

The sword whacks Hoshimaru through a tree and then attacks Shiina again.  Akiras thingy is uncommunicative.  The boy turns up, and calls the thingy a dragon.  Boy claims to be Shiina's acqauntance.  Acts blatantly evil and creepy.  Back to Shiina gettin beaten up.
She pulls willpower out of hereself and talks about her dad.
Dragonet!  A good name for the flying starship starfish thingies.  Evil boy threatens Akira with a punch dagger.  Shades of repetition.  He claims that the dragonets like cowards, and talks about how much it hurts to slit your wrists, making it hard to go through with.  He tries to recruit her to change the world.  Shiina hits his squid-ship with a rock.

QUOTE! "I would change the world with you.  I will make a kingdom that will last a thousand years.  I would be King and you would be my queen.  The first thing I'd do is kill about five billion people"

He leaves Shiina the choice of whether to commit suicide or join him, tells her not to talk to Shiina ("because you're the one I like") and leaves.

He talks to Shiina. "Trying to kill someone is just playing?"

She loses again.  He tortures her.  Asks her about the real dragon - "Dragons are the memory of a star"  and flashbacks to the tatooed lady.  He teaches her a lot (which may or may not be true) and Hoshimaru turns up, looking as scared as it is possible for something made of about five nurbs to look.

She can't kill - so he decides to ignore her.  He really likes to talk.  He wonders what Hoshimaru is, if she's not linked with him.  Then he changes his mind and stabs Hoshi.  Which turns out to be Akiras one in disguise.  Hoshi extends a giant sword exactly like the boys and throws it through him.  They then waddle off to get Akira some medical attention.

The boy is left in the forest, dead.  Both Akira and Shiina are kinda terrified. 

That night, Shiina has a small hole in her belly, Hoshi wears a night dress and Akira ponders the dagger.  Shiina watches the news, but we don't find out whether the boys corpse is on it or not.

OP: Vitenka

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