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ShadowStar 04 - The shadow of a childs footprint

Shiina hasn't died yet.  Shiina lies in and listens to DayTimeTeleVision?.  Her dad goes to work.  She is ShellShocked?

Hiro (from school) turns up and asks about Siina's homework.  Shiina hasn't been doing any, but instead has been scouring the newspapers.  Shiina leaves and asks Hoshi to stay.  I'd say Hoshi looks blank at this, but it goes without saying really.

There's something of trying to prove to herself that it was all a dream about this.  Hoshi is standing moionless in the house.

Evil tall schoolgirl 'humphs' at Shiina as she bumps into her coming out of the shop.  She and her brother are looking for the boy he killed.  Panda private school has an evil red and black uniform.  Shiina laughs and gets slapped.

Evil girl probably isn't actually evil - just incredibly personality clashed.  Hiro wants to go to panda.

Back home (having found a split in the tree I think, but nothing more) Shiina cooks and denies being clever.  And that she'll ever get married and be a good mom.  Starfish looks surprised and unimpresse by this declaration.

Notably, Shiina hasn't talked to Akira yet.  She has a meeting with her mother (a succesful executive) - Happy Birthday.

Shiina can be shy.  Her mother is supportive of Shiinas bad grades in a misguided way.  She then goes on to criticise her appearance and say that she needs to primp herself up - but it's probably a lost cause.  Her mother doesn't listen to a Shiina says - but that's ok, because Shiina doesn't say anything.

A one cigarette meeting.  I'd say poor kid, but she has her own starfish - dragon - spaceship.

Mother is presenting to scientists, corporate types and the military about mythical creatures.  Tied up in the upcoming events much?  Also, why do they call them dragons when the blurry photo's they have are blatantly spaceships?  Introduce the legend of the palace of the dragon king / utopia and talk about dragons eating people.

Shiinas dad's happy birthday is less well presented, but more heartfelt.  "What are you going to do with five cups of rice?  Eat it!"

She devours everything and lies flat on the floor.  Then runs to the vomitarium when her dad mentions cake.  ;)  Well, she is only twelve.  The retching goes on a litttle too long to be funny though.

Cut to panda high school, Kareoke.  They wonder why the missing kid hasn't come back.  "He probably found an interesting toy" "He hasn't... already.. killed someone?"  "Probably"  They're shocked.  "I can't forgive him. I haven't even done that yet."  So these three are pretty much all bad :)  As homework, he's fetched pistols.  And automatic weaponry.  After all, the draons are invulnerable, but they aint.

"Discrimination creates equality" he says.  "MY brain is made of flamingo" he means.  Images of a chick, from a broken egg, with blood instead of eggwhite, covered in ants, dead.  Utena bashing much?  Same basic principle though - destroy society and create a new one.

Shiina finally phones Akira.  Akira doesn't want to talk.  She isn't dead yet... She's cutting her hair.

OP: Vitenka

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