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ShadowStar 05 - An Angels Play

Shina's morning progresses as usual.  Fighter planes flash through the air.

Her dad is flying one.  His air freight company is working with the defence force, and they discuss why they all quit the defence force and don't discuss why the freight company has fighter jets.

And from the ground bad guy decides they'll make the perfect training run for him, since they aren't real military.  His dragon-starfish thingy appears to be a large inflatable girl.  With claws.

"Don't provoke it" advises his leader.  Its hair is its wings.  She hovers backwards at 400 knots.

"Let's play" it taps out in Morse.  Then extrudes a chain gun and attacks.  Mach 1.4 is no problem for it.

Oh no!  Ono has been shot down!  Shiinas dad gets a funny feeling - he's had some kind of contact with things like this before.  "I'm not armed" he thinks, ignoring the giant missile strapped to the underside of his plane in every exterior shot.  He desides to ram it, cutting off its hair.  It hangs on and blows up his jet.  Shiinas teacher calls her in to report the bad news.

She doesn't really accept it.

Some time later she hears the voice again.  She can feel her dads heartbeat.  And mother goes to meet father in hospital.  She wants to know what happenned.

"It was an angel.  An angel with a vulcan."  It's the second time he saw something like this - the first time presumably being the flying whale from episode 1.

Shiina is all happy and light.  And gets invited to Ono's funeral.  And an unknown evil kid in the hall greets Shiina with "You must be glad that your dad's alright."

Ono's little girl is small and evil.  And trying not to cry.  Shiina asks why people have to die.

She goes back into the forest, Hoshi on her back.  She looks down on the town spread before her.  Hoshi watches  mosquitos for her.

Back home, Akira shows up, wearing all black and looking evil with short hair.  She has a 'give my regards to' note, and this terrifies them.

OP: Vitenka

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