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NaruTaru (ShadowStar) Episode 06 - His Words Were True

"Send my regards to Soph and Hoshi." says the letter.  "Is he still alive?  I can't escape from him" asks Akira.
The girls figure out that evil guy had friends.  Hoshi looks useless as usual.  They swap starfish, and they work like walkie talkies.  I thought all kids had cellphones now?
They wait for the villain from the hostpital.  They become bored.  Akira accientally confesses love out loud.  They chase the villain.  They catch the him.  He lets them in:
"Yo!  You were following me, right?"
Villains hideout is a dump.  It contains a mechanical angel.  He also posesses an AWFUL set of chat up lines.  (To only very slihtly paraphrase, "You might die soon, let's do the nasty")
We meet another villain, who refuses to talk to them.
They all give their names and the girls leave.
The evening news gives Akira the story of the dead badguys long ill mother (it seems he killed her by forced labour)  she takes the dagger to her shrine.
There she meets another DragonRider? who seems a bit more into rash action.  He warns her away (police are watching this place) but she is caught on videotape already.  He then drives her off in a stolen car.
Police give chase, but the lead chasing car crashes, a dragon climbs out of the front seat and blows up the other car.  Akira misses this and hides in the boot to escape the cordon.
He fails to trick her into revealing the death of Komoi but claims that he did so.  I blame translation errors.
Akira bluches at the sight of every young boy or girl that she meets.  This may be a problem.
Sudo (the boy rescuer) claims to be "One who protects the world - Really!  It's true!"
We next see her walking naked across his floor whilst he's on the phone to someone saying "Yeah, she may have one too".  Let us hope she doesn't have that problem quite so universally.

The next day, as Akira tries to psyche herself into going to school, a giant red cross blocks her path.  We next see a tulip floating across the sky with her legs sticking out of it.

Whoops.  AlexChurchill thought there were only synopses up to Ep 5, so wrtote one himself.  Oh well, I'll paste it in here, so that ppl can get an alternate POV.

Narutaru 6: "His Words Were True"

Akira and Shiina search for the boy. Akira has psychic link with Ain Soph, which means they can communicate while apart.  Akira goes all embarrassed at the feeling when Shiina hugs Ain Soph.

Akira spots bloke (who they think is has the scary angel which shot down the planes last ep as his dragon-child).  He's on a scooter. She sets off on bike, but can't keep up; fortunately Shiina is super-genki and can.

They follow him to a big warehouse, where he says "Welcome in.  You were following me, right?"  He flirts with Akira, which obviously makes her a nervous wreck, but she does tell him her name.  He admits he has a dragon.

Warehouse has lots of models of dragons in, and another bloke carving more.  He says the girls are "so low level it'd be pointless explaining anything".  They leave,

(eyecatch with sinister discordant chord)

Late at night, Akira sees a "Missing Persons report" on Komori Tomonori (the genocidal bloke who got killed in ep 3), saying he was a great bloke who wanted to be a doctor.

We see 20 seconds' worth of falling tarot cards.  What meaning this has isn't clear.

Next morning Akira goes to the house where the TV said he lived, carrying his dagger.  Whoo, surprise: someone's watching the house with a hidden camera.

A bloke turns up and tells her she'll get taken away by police if she stays there.  He says to come with him instead (hmmmmmm).  She does.  He offers to drive her home, and she nervously agrees. 

They've been being followed by 3 cars.  One of them turns out to be a police car.  Bloke says "let's run... I don't have a license".

One of the other cars pushes the police car off the road.  Door opens, a dragon-child (in body armour?) steps out and machine-guns the police car.  Bloke says "Ooh look, an accident."

Stopped at a service stn, Akira asks him (he's called Sudo) who he is.  Answer: "A person who protects the world". 

In a hotel, the same bloke (Sudo) speaks to someone called Ozawa on the phone, saying "I have a favour to ask.  She might have one."  Presumably, "Akira might have a dragon".  A naked girl with long dark hair walks past him as he talks... my best guess is arrogant girl from the karaoke chamber, but who knows. Note: I don't think it's Akira - her hair's short every other shot this episode.  But my first thought was of Akira till I remembered that.

Going to school next day, Akira is confronted by a bizarre giant red flower with a face.  It kidnaps her and flies off. 

Incidentally, this is where vol 4 of the manga stops, which is all that's published so far (as of Jan 2004).


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