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[Sidney Sussex College]

A college renowned for producing a surprising number of 1st year light entertainers, all of whom are gulli^H^H^H^H^H enthusiastic enough to want to be on the CULES committee

Has the silliest name of all the old colleges, and a very nice atmosphere - pretty and old without being too pompous and OldCambridge?

Unfortunately it got a bit carried away with the passcode thing... this irritating security feature isn't very secure (as the porters will tell them to anyone with student id and a convincing name to visit) but did lead to me forgetting the **** thing and having to ask the same porter again five minutes later.  Who very sweetly (sarcastically?) wrote it down for me...

Also famed for the RoomOnR?

Although probably best known amongst students for being opposite Sainsbury's.

Has Oliver Cromwell's head buried somewhere in the stonework, IIRC.
There's a plaque in the antechapel that says something to the effect of "Cromwell's head is buried somewhere near here".  Appparently only the Master and the Chaplain are supposed to know the exact location.


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