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Click on title to get a list of pages relating to Cambridge Colleges.

I'll just point out here that all the college pages should be in CategoryPlace... mind you, there's should and should... ;)

Do we need it on every single one? CategoryCambridgeColleges is a subset of CategoryPlace; if CategoryPlace occurs on the CategoryCambridgeColleges page, people can naviagate to a particular college that way - sort of a hierarchical index..
I agree.  I also think CategoryEatingPlace should be viewed as implying CategoryPlace, and not be duplicated on the bottom of each Eating Place page.  It's arguable though.  --AlexChurchill.
I would have thought it was only really arguable if you can think of an eating place which is not, in fact, a place...  I sure someone on the Wiki will be able to come up with one though :) - Kazuhiko
How about something like [Local Secrets], which would probably go in CategoryEatingPlace, but is not a place. --Rachael
Um.. I can do it with a typo (CategoryEatingPlaice?) or a DevourerOfWorlds? kind of meaning to CategoryEatingPlace.  Otherwise, ByDefinition?, ProbablyNot?.  --Vitenka
What about the RestaurantAtTheEndOfTheUniverse?? CategoryBooks, surely. - TimeTrout
CategoryPlace, CategoryTime and CategoryYumYumYum?.  You're just proving the DouglasAdams connection to your name, you know ;)  --Vitenka

Possibly we should replace this page, for example, with CategoryPlace/CambridgeColleges?? - CorkScrew
Naaah, it works as it is IMO. - MoonShadow

CategoryCategory, CategoryPlace; see also CambridgeLife

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