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Along the same lines as Kazuhiko's, and finally updated (!) No allowance has been made for cost ;)

[The Middle Ages: A Graphic History]
The Second Journey of Agatha Heterodyne books (6 onwards as they come along...)
Rivers of London comics (I have Body Work, Night Witch, Black Mould, Water Weed, Cry Fox, Action at a Distance, and Detective Stories).

(roughly in order of preference, second hand copies are fine, please don't worry if some of these have been here for ages, I do still want them)
Anything by Martha Wells except for the Raksura series, Emilie & the Hollow World, Emilie & the Sky World and the Murderbot diaries (including the novels), which I already have.

Agatha Heterodyne books (we already have books 1-3).
Any Rosemary Sutcliff book, except Outcast, Eagle of the Ninth, Sword at Sunset, Dawn Wind, The Sword and the Circle, the Light Beyond the Forest, the Road to Camlann, The Lantern Bearers, The Mark of the Horse Lord, The Sword Song Of Bjarni Sigurdson, The Hound of Ulster, The Silver Branch, Witches Brat, Sun Horse Moon Horse, Song for a Dark Queen, Frontier Wolf, Warrior Scarlet, Blood Feud, Blood & Sand, Shining Company, Knights Fee, The Armourer's House, Tristan and Iseult, Black Ships at Troy, Odysseus, Beowulf, Bonnie Dundee and Simon, which I already have. Yes, I do want her children's books. They're awesome reading XD
Darwin's Compass: How Evolution Discovers the Song of Creation - Simon Conway-Morris. Not available yet (Jan 2008).

(any region is fine ;)

Brother Bartholomew audiobooks (by Susannah Gregory; I have the first five, so any from number 6 onwards would be good)
Other audiobooks - currently, I know I like:
The Flavia Albia books from number 8 onwards, by Lindsey Davis (I have all the Falcos now, and the first seven Flavia Albia books).
Cadfael - which mostly aren't on Audible. I would like anything from number 10 onwards, please, going by the [Wikipedia Bibliography numbers] :)
Or, you know, Audible credits are good too :)

Arty stuff
Purple Pilot Eno leads.

[Dialect] (it's a card game)
A [Bin Twin] - all sizes suitable except large commercial :)
Alternatively, a [tap twin.] Or a [fridge twin] :)
Gifts given via [Acts 435]
Molton Brown stuff is nice - preferably simple things like hand or body lotion

In my dreams
I'm not sure you quite understand how these things work. You see, it's more normal to have dreams in your sleep, not the other way around. --Admiral
You have obviously never seen Inception, or visited one of my dreams. To sum: is this the real life, is this just fantasy? -- AConfusedWolf

If you're getting something from here, please remove it from the list using the "[Edit this page]" link, or email us so we can, otherwise we'll end up with duplicates - thanks...


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