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Pubs in Cambridge. There's one on RegentStreet? and one on CastleHill (CB3 0AJ ). The one on CastleHill usually has some RealAles and occasionally has Hoegaarden beer, and serves quite nice food, although it closes at 3 on Saturdays.

Are they both "The Castle Inn", or is that just the one on CastleHill?

Remind me why you all like this place so much? Alex and Bethany and I went today (on spec to see if SaturdayCoffee was on; it wasn't, but never mind, because we were happy to have a meal by ourselves if it wasn't). But there was a noisy fan by where we were sitting, and we waited 40 minutes for our food, which was cold by the time it arrived, and not very exciting: my "duck and vegetable stirfry" was some veg and noodles like you might get from a van at the fair, with a few slices of dried-out duck scattered on top of it. And either they miscalculated the bill, or they charge over 4 for lemonade. --Rachael
I started boycotting it when the security guy refused me entrance because he disagreed that it was reasonable to expect them to serve food up until the time they stated. --PT
I've not personally had problems with the place, but we've been considering trying the Portland Arms for a while now. --MoonShadow
Wendy and I went at the same-ish time (2pm instead of 1pm). They took about 30 minutes to serve the food, including the pot of tea, but we were very satisfied with it when it came. I had the duck stir fry, and enjoyed it. Granted it wasn't haute cuisine. Maybe they were having a bad day. --Admiral
Gosh, surprised we didn't see you - we looked indoors and out for people we knew. --Rachael
Akh! The one week we weren't there, everyone came! ^^;; --MS?
Just to add my two pennies... I've never had any problems with the staff there, and the food has always been *ok*. I'd like to come along sometimes, but it's hard to justify the expense atm. --RobHu

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