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A manga by Mamoru Nagano.
This has to be one of the most complex, convoluted manga ever written. Serialised in the Japanese Newtype magazine since 1986, it is the story of the people of Joker which comprises of five solar systems, Easter, Wester, Southernd, Northe and Stant, a comet that visits the other systems every 1500 years bringing with it bad luck.
The main characters are Emperor Amaterasu des grand Aidas, Greese fourth and his wife Lachesis, but many others often take the spotlight.
Wars are mostly decided using Mortarheadds, massive semi-intelligent machines that are piloted by Headdliners and their partners, Fatimas.
Fatimas are humanoid (usually, but not always, female) bio-computers, created by fatima meights. They are almost immortal, due to the creation process called the Ezlazer process. It is rumoured that Amaterasu has also undergone this process, as he is increadibly old (800+ years at the start of the manga), but appears no more than 60 (25 human years).
The english language website that used to cover these stories best is no more (and its passing is much lamented). however there are many other fan sites out there that cover the series quite well such as [this] site at Gears Online.

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