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He'd known it was the wrong place for a scrap. He'd known he ought to have picked a better time. But he didn't let that stop him. And now he was sent down, for breaching one of the rules - exile, effective immediately.



The girl ran up to him, just as was led onto the coach to take him down. "Wait!"

"/Anna! You shouldn't be here! If they see you talking to me, they'll send you down too!"
She looked up at him quietly, before reaching around her neck, and removing the /Pendant? held there.

"Take this with you."

"/Anna, what are you saying! I can't take that! That belonged to your father..."

She treated him to a tearful smile. "He was given that by a girl, who loved him very much... before he had to go on a long journey..."

She broke down, and collapsed into his arms. They stayed there, for a time, until an impatient cough from the guards jolted them back to /Reality. He let go of the girl, his eyes downcast.

"You'll... you'll come back to me... won't you?"

He opened his eyes, and looked deep into her mind, closer than he had been but moments before.

"As long as there is life in these veins, I will return to you, beloved. You shall not be accursed to darkness along with this forsaken world. This I swear by the name of the four spirits of Earth and Moon."

The door of the coach began to close.


She smiled at him, as the coach began to pull away.

"...Farewell, my beloved."

As the coach turned the corner, the girl collapsed to the floor, shaking silently.

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