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The Grand Idea
a tangled, interconnected reality emerges from dozens of separate threads, carefully twisted together by the visitors, who reposition and tangle them even as they observe the fabric.

Um, it's a collaborative story. Come! Read! Scribble!

Thoughts on contributing
  Keep pages inside the Threads namespace. Keep comments and discussion in /Discussion, with links to what you are discussing. The emphasis is on adding to pages and interlinking pages rather than creating lots of little new pages. The first word of any heading is always munged into a name tag, and you can link to it - see below for an example.

Where to start
Right here. Or, if you prefer, you could /Cheat and go straight to the /Endings..


/Funny how small things that seem to have little consequence at the time seem to recur, interact and grow.. There are many /Magical places where /Reality is thin and warps, yet more often than not the really significant events happen somewhere rather more mundane.

/Funny how much one's life is affected by people you'll never meet, who probably don't even know one exists. Shuffled together like a /Deck of /Cards, we brush past each other briefly in our brownian motion; yet that split-second encounter has the effect of the proverbial /Butterfly.

/Funny how one's views of the past are affected by one's experience. One remembers things in a particular way that fits in best with one's worldview, and forgets things that are contrary.

(more metastory here)

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