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Not only do we know everything, but we KNOW that we know everything.


Basically, let's unify every DataBase? in the world and see if DataMining? is made up entirely of BuzzWords? and fluff, or whether it really can do things like spot a SerialKiller? from the habits of grocery shopping.

Basically a LegislativeWorkaround?.  Laws protect 'private' information, but because most discarded information is left unused (or was) people did not regard it highly.  So services can pick up that information and then infer the private information without ever breaking their own laws.

They also employ as consultants commercial firms which aren't covered by some of these laws, and other countries' intelligence agencies (in a long running agreement) to spy upon each others citizens, when they cannot spy upon their own.

Anyway.  The power to do this kind of linkage is there, and it is happening.  How do we avoid a CyberneticPoliceStateFreeMarket?

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