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How does one qualify for the title 'troll' and should we really be engaging in flame wars considering the firemen's strike?

See the [Jargon File], particularly points 1 and 2.

MoonShadow: You've just disqualified yourself by contributing to the ensuing discussion ;)

I SOOO want to be a troll please please please please please - I want to annoy everyone with prejudiced ill-thought out comments which I will then justify to the death just so I don't have to back down or admit I might have slightly overstated the case.. Can you see why I'm an evangelical now?

MoonShadow: Nope. Doesn't work. Real trolls don't justify - in fact, they don't participate in any way after the first post. I suspect you'd find that quite boring ^^;

Well can I be a serial troll? Yknow - like a serial killer? Pleeeeese....
(PeterTaylor) That would be someone who's committed at least three trolling offences separated by considerable periods of time. So if you troll the Wiki today, a Linux advocacy newsgroup in 6 months, and the UserFriendly.org message boards in 12 months, you might qualify...

I don't know what a Linux newsgroup is or a friendly message board :-( Can I just be the resident Wiki troll?

MoonShadow: You can try, but I think the odds are racked against you.. ;)

That isn't a troll.  In ancient myth trolls were terrifying monsters - who later evolved into fat things that lived under bridges and ate billigoats.  Now they are fat people who live underneath their parents' houses and eat pizza.
 :-( I am very thin, have my house and don't eat pizza often. I have eaten a goat before . . .
A whole goat? MJ

Not to be confused with "trawl": (n) a net or trap that can be dragged through water to catch things; (v) the action of dragging a trawl(n) through water to catch things; more generally, the action of sifting through large amounts of something looking for particular things.
Trolling and trawling being, of course, partial homonyms - they have become transposable words in some (American) dialects.  --Vitenka

If you want to be a troll then you have to follow [the rules]. --Edith
You should also [be careful of web rage]. - MoonShadow

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