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I know, let's have a way of representing every possible character ever. Oh, except the [swastica]. We can't have that, or people will start going on killing rampages. Although they might [anyway]..
Aww, c'mon, it's not so bad.  It would be a lot better if everyone was consistent about using it, though.  --Vitenka
That article's explanation of the origin of UTF-8 is appalling, though amusing. Markus Kuhn's [UTF-8 and Unicode FAQ for Unix/Linux] gives a better explanation of the history and purpose of the Unicode encodings. --Bobacus
Yup, the article links to [here] on Markus Kuhn's site too around the jokes ;) - MoonShadow
Um, the typographi.ca links don't seem to work any more. The link above just redirects to www.typographi.ca, but the others give a "[page has been removed]" message. --Bobacus; MaintainMe/BrokenLink

A cipher, famously used on the DungeonsAndDragons TV show.  Baa??  --Vitenka
Maa, maa, whinny.


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