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The space empires are in a (possibly cold) war to the death.  The galaxy must fall to the supreme destiny of their species.

And to do so, it is an absolute imperative that they develop technoscrumbling-fandoozles immediately!  Before the opposition do!

...and you're just the research team to help them do it, too.


There are three planets (call them RGB).  Each has a small (1-3) number of tech cards next to them, and a supply of approriately coloured cubes.  Each player has a marker, and it will be on one of the planets.  They also have some cards; a discard pile of used cards; and there's a deck of event cards.


Each turn, each player simultaneously plays a card from their hand.  You have 8 to choose from, at first.

Then resolve plaigarism:

And finally, technologification time for each player who played the 'technologise' card:


Once all techs are built, game over.  I'm thinking starting with 3 techs on each planet should be about the right length, but we can tweak that.

Event cards are held until you use them; and can be played any time - they are all "Take up to one card from each other player's discard pile" plus another thing, that gives benefit if you can use it at the appropriate time,.  e.g. "You don't have to give away cards for plaigirism" or "Pretend you are alone on this planet, this turn (so you can build a tech)" or "Gai two cubes instead of one".

The main point of this game, of course, is still the very very silly tech, event, and flavour text.

So yeah, total rules rip and replace.  Now based off the towers mechanic that I am ripping out of 3-little-pigs.

CategoryGames.  It's a BoardGame (or it's going to be)

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