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Well, technically episode 3, but last session was finishing the first session and building characters.

This session, the questionnaire went a lot better.  We gained a new player - and the players (at the end) actually begged me to go fully FreeForm?.  Yay!  But I need to be more descriptive.

The metagame questions were, I think, useful.  I knoow where I stand on duration etc.

This session:

First we ran the paintball.  They didn't do the ambush, so they didn't win.  And I've just realised that I'm setting up Alpha team as "Just plain better than you" - which means quite soon I'm going to have to have the players beat them.

Then they did a "Hunt the stooge" - using cameras, they had to first catch him on his way to work (they did so, and didn't get caught till afterwards)
Then catch him at a party.  (They kinda did, but got caught and so had to play an escape - most of them got out, some stylishly)
Then they had to break into his house - which they managed with huge 'casualties'.

Interspersed with this was supposed to be quick little vignettes to their training (or goofing off from their training) depending upon skill rolls.
This kinda sorta worked, but players didn't seem to like authorial control.  File under NiceIdea?, NeedsWork?.

And, um, that was it.  Neat session, just fit the length.

Character names:
Lucky  (Irish combat engineer)
T-Leaf (Independantly came up with the 'caught breaking and entering to the tower')
Padre (Brazilian, broken ideology sociopath with a penchant for torture)
and.. damn.  I forget.  (close kill specialist, bluff and disguise)

Annoyingly, it looks like Padre is newer to roleplaying than I thought, and probably can't play his chosen role terribly well.  I need to help him along a bit weithout being too controlling or scary.

I introduced SOME of the towers inhabitants.  I need to introduce the rest.

Next session: Jellyfish hunting!  With, hopefully, some prolonged combat.

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