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Don't be ridiculous.

Who could possibly think that this seemingly benign ToothyWiki, apparently a discussion forum about webcomics, anime and everything else under the sun, could in fact be the setting for a hidden power struggle between conspiracies... all hiding their changes with the "minor edits" checkbox?

Why would the seven conspiracies vie for power against each other, making and breaking deals and alliances, when the only things they're gaining and losing control over is Wiki pages? 

What could they /possibly/ have to gain by such an exercise?... ...Except perhaps... just possibly... control over the EntireWorld?!


Conspiracies required for a full round: 7
Conspiracies required to register before the next round starts: 0

But is the CambridgeUnderground actually a Wiki conspiracy?
Probably not.  Unless someone's willing to represent it on the Wiki in the coming round.  A couple more Conspiratorial ToothyWikizens would be useful, but we could fight out this coming round with less than a full complement of 7.
Don't most of the current conspiracies have more than one representative?
True. This raises the interesting question of whether each participating ToothyWikizen will represent precisely one conspiracy for the purposes of this round of struggle, or whether the conspiracies will allow their members to act on behalf of other conspiracies too.  In other words, will the participants be conspiracies made up of ToothyWikizens, or ToothyWikizens acting for conspiracies?
Furthermore, how can we have no conspiracies required when CategoryConspiracy only lists 5 conspiracies? Do you count as a conspiracy if you're not in the Category?
I would ask - how can we have conspiracies that allow themselves to be categorised?

Round status: not officially in progress.  End-of-round and scorekeeping due: when the world is taken over...
The round is now due for /Scoring...

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