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Proposed points:

First conspiracy to 360 wins the round, or conspiracy with most points at end of the round.  Winning conspiracy takes over three ************ of their choice.

General points

Any conspiracy loses 20 points for making an edit to this page without ticking "Minor edit" checkbox.  Exception: any conspiracy whose agenda is to win by achieving negative scores.  Do they get punished with positive 20?

Specific points / agendas

Scores 5 points per signed spelling correction. (So wins on 72 such.)

Scores 15 points per gratuitous MtG reference. (So wins on 24 such.)

Scores 20 points per page justifiably in CategoryPrincess or other obviously-princess pages. (So wins on 18 such.)

Scores 18 points per page justifiably in CategoryConspiracy or other recognised conspiracies.  (So wins on 20 such.)

Scores 8 points per page categorised during the round.  (So wins on 45 such.)

Loses 1 point for every conspiracy mentioned anywhere on the wiki; 2 if the conspiracy mentioned is the NoseyWitch?. Wins iff it has a negative score the absolute value of which is greater than the sum of the scores of all other conspiracies.

Gains 5 points every time it censors a mention of a conspiracy; 8 if the conspiracy in question is the DimWhite?

Scores x points per relevant link to an OzyAndMillie cartoon strip. (So wins on y such.)
What do people think?  AC thinks 12 - 20 points per link, winning on 30 - 18 such respectively.  I'm a little wary of setting it too low, because a number of concepts could be relevantly linked to an OzyAndMillie strip...


(remember to check "Minor edit"...)

Yep - it's there.

So the DimWhite? conspiracy can win by repeating making changes to this page and not using the minor edit box?
No. :) See amended general rule above.

Might it be appropriate to decrease the points that the WikiCategoryConspiracy gets for categorising pages?  I believe the TimeTrout has demonstrated the terrifying possibility otherwise.  Or perhaps it would make more sense to only allow each conspiracy some number of points per day, to approximate turns on a real-time medium like this?  Maybe 60 or 90?
How about: categorising a page you yourself reified doesn't score; to score, the category has to be appropriate and useful and can't make or be made redundant by an existing category on the page..?
I am a fool. I just forfeited 20 points to whichever conspiracy I'm representing right now.

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