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01.06.07 - I now have a new webcomic called [Fleet]! The idea for Fleet has been with me for ages but its only now I'm getting a chance to actually draw it! (inspired by the many works of SunKitten ^_^ ) This is my 1st proper manga style comic (with proper pages, human characters and eveything... *quakes in boots* )

Hi I'm Wikivic, Cambridge-based StarvingArtist extrordinaire!

I'm a big fan of UK manga and have a WebComic called [Cute Loveable Mascot Training Academy] myself.

At the moment I am training in 3D modeling in 3DsMax? 8 in order to budge my career from the building industry into the games industry (not a recommended path for those who like life's little luxuries o.O; )

I do a lot of drawing and play a lot of PC adventure games in my spare time - if you'd like to know a bit more about either of those things, [my deviantArt gallery] holds most of my up-to-date artistic endevours, and [my Live Journal] holds my everyday ramblings, with (when i can get them) screenshots of any games I'm currently playing ^_^

I'm usually around at WednesdayAnime! ^_^

More pages o mine:

PixelArt (just trying out how to make a new page, plus PixelArt is surpisingly interesting! :)

Wikivic/AnimeIOwn (self indulgent list of my anime collection XD )


Wikivic/NotQuoteOfTheDay - not quotes of the day, as there's no way I'd update this page that often XD anyway, it's some of my favourite quotes, in the order in which i remember them...


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