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My computer's back! *cries in relief*

I sent it off for a graphics glitch - I was getting little shiny lines trailing behind my windows as I dragged them across the screen. The repair people couldn't reproduce the bug, but sent it off to Sony to have the CD drive replaced because that was faulty too. Sony couldn't find anything wrong with it at all, despite the fact that last time I used it, the CD drive sounded like it had a hamster being tortured inside it ^^;;

Three weeks later, I got it back, expecting to find the glitch still present and gloomily anticipating shelling out for a new machine (my computers always die just before Christmas). Instead, on the little note that came with it were the words "motherboard - no POST". Which means they couldn't even boot it! Goodness only knows what they did to it. So now I have a new motherboard, hopefully a new CD drive and the graphics glitching is, thankfully, completely gone. And I still have all my RAM, they didn't throw it away with the old motherboard (!)

It's comicking time!

It's actually a little worrying to find out how much I rely on having a functioning computer to do stuff on. My friend from work gave me a machine to work on, but it hadn't got very much RAM (and we couldn't add any more). It made a valiant effort, but it's so nice to have my own computer back! *^^*

On a different note, the Advent Calendar will start on Saturday! My replacement machine liked doing them (as opposed to choking on enormous multilayer comic pages), so I have a good backlog already :)

- Sun Kitten, 30th November '07

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