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I've updated the gallery again, with three characters for the front cover of Looking for the Sun volume 4 (Aeryn, and Kite and Saryth). I've also added one more omake. This one was weird, actually, because I planned it some time ago, drew and inked it and then realised the script was utter rubbish. To be precise, the dialogue in the last two panels just didn't do anything. So I've been agonising for the past week or so over what to replace the text with that would (a) match up to the poses and expressions, (b) finish off the story started in the first four panels and (c) get across any one of the number of things I would be happy for the comic to say. I am very relieved that eventually something did come into my head, so it's complete, but I was beginning to panic ^^;;

I watched the end of Chevalier D'Eon last night with Emma (and sushi, tea and port. Oh yes). It's an excellent anime all round - good characters, good art, lovely backgrounds, plenty of pain, backstory, character depth and emotion and a good few twists that I wasn't expecting. I'm now very much looking forward to watching it again as we show it at Wednesday Anime ^^

- Sun Kitten, 11th January '08

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