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Coming back from holiday is a real drag. But I got some cool stuff today, which has made a big improvement ;)

First, I got more fanart ^^ Nattherat has been sketching, and she sent me this Reya-and-tiger sketch, and also a sketch of Kite and Saryth climbing Vorannen. No, really ;) They are very cool, thank you very much ^^

Second, it is more fanart, but not really mine - well, sort of (it's still extremely cool ;). There's been a combined attempt to make a tarot deck of various English ren-ai games, such as, for example, Elven Relations and When I Rule the World. So here they are - Tohko, Asilana, Yurika and Selena as various cards :) The relevant thread, with all the cards, discussion and credit, is here.

- Sun Kitten, 24th June '08

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