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I've been reading a lot of short stories recently - first, Japanese light novels, which are short by nature, then a light novel consisting of three even shorter stories, and now Interzone. I really like Interzone, it usually has a good mix of stories of differing lengths and there's always at least two I like a lot, and several more I enjoy. It's funny how intense a story can become if it's short - even though (on the whole) less happens in a short story, and it happens to characters you haven't had time to get to know so well, the very fact that the story has a beginning, middle and end serves to compress it in comparison to a novel. I love reading a novel - better, a series of novels I have access to - because I like getting lost in a world and really getting to know the characters over several days. But short stories are a different, much briefer experience. I can get lost in them but only for a few pages, and then it finishes and another one starts, leaving me feeling slightly dazed. I should probably take more time between reading them - Interzone only comes out every other month, so it's not like I don't have time - but they're addictive as well ^^;;

- Sun Kitten, 11th July '08

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