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Nattherat sent me this gorgeous little Aris today - Aris is Reya's tutor, and I love the style she's done him in. Since I'm mentioning Reya, I just want to say that it is not stopped. I am keeping going, and when I can, I will say more about what's happening to it. But the story is being drawn - my apologies for the wait :)

Something wonderful happened today. Not Pixel and her catflap, but something more along the lines of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Only, more so. I really enjoyed the film, not because it was a good film as such, but because it was great seeing Indy back in action (nuclear-shielded fridges and all). I loved the Indiana Jones films, but there are a lot of things I like more. Such as, for example, the anime Slayers - possibly the only anime I have seriously gone hunting for fanfics of. One of the few I will re-watch on my own. It manages somehow to hang an engaging story out on the bare bones of a daft plot, lots of jokes, explosive action (literally) and most of all the characters. It's old, but it's still fantastic. I remember watching the second series while going through my finals, and it was a wonderful stress reliever.

Today, I saw the first episode of the new Slayers series, Slayers Revolution, and I think I nearly cried with joy. Not much happened; Gourry was stupid, Amelia righteous and Zelgadis cool. Lina beat up some pirates and got insulted (lather, rinse, repeat), and managed to get arrested for the crime of 'being Lina Inverse'. There's the familiar hints of plot that haunt the beginnings of the other series, but really, I just loved seeing them all again. I can't wait for the next episode *^^*

- Sun Kitten, 8th July '08

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