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It's Expo soon. I realised about a month ago that I had no comic due to be released for it, which was a horrible thought - I love the feeling of having a new comic out and Expo is a big event. So I've been working on something that isn't quite a comic, but will hopefully still be bought by a few people. It's not a comic, but it does have pictures, and here are some sneak previews :) Cover, cover and back cover, first internal picture, second internal picture. I'm quite pleased with it, actually, although I don't think it will do very well. Too many words and not enough pictures ;)

In other comic-related news, I went to Birmingham comic con last Saturday and had an excellent day :) Highlights of the buying were Origins, the new Indiemanga anthology, Amaranth, published by Itch Studios, and Mephistos, by Naniiebim. I did drop by Neptune Factory, but there still isn't any more Vampire Free Style out. One day, one day :)

- Sun Kitten, 7th October '08

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