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Now everything's gone back to normal... back to work and the usual schedule. There's nothing wrong with it except as a contrast to the holidays. Poor old January, the Monday of the calendar year ^^;;

I read some excellent books over Christmas. In no particular order: Fables 1 & 2, Anathem, The Graveyard Book, and Last Watch. I have such a soft spot for Sergei Lukjanenko's Others, but I do think they're good books overall. I want to reread the trilogy except we've mislaid Night Watch :/ I'm currently enjoying Iain Banks' Matter, which is looking promising although I'm not very far in, and I'm looking forward to Fables 3 and 4 (thanks to some Christmas book tokens) and some long-awaited Barbara Hamblys which haven't arrived yet. I love books! *^^*

Speaking of books, the first volume of Ambient Rhythm is in preparation. I'm hoping it will be out for Minami - the outlook is good :) And then I can get started on some of my other projects... ;)

- Sun Kitten, 6th January '09

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