Ambient Rhythm is updated on Tuesday and Friday

So, the time is nearly upon us! I have held the final proof, I have flicked through its perfect pages (for some value of perfect). Ambient Rhythm volume 1 is being printed, and here, literally, is the proof. And here's a better view of the cover :)

I have my lovely laptop back, sadly not fixed. It's only the hinge that's gone, but the metal is sheered through. Only Sony will officially fix hinges, and they can't be bothered to work on a 6-year old laptop. I only discovered this when I rang the repair company and got told my laptop had been written off!

I can't say I was that surprised, to be honest, although I hadn't realised she was 6 years old (I had been thinking 5). What did irritate me was that they would happily write off a perfectly functional machine with a minor mechanical fault. It's just a waste. In addition, they weren't going to let me pick a replacement model and they wouldn't pay the full price of a replacement (due to her age; I did know about that) and I wasn't about to get back the extra RAM and new hard drive (the repair man seemed surprised anyone would bother modding a laptop!). So I refused their offer and got her back the next day, and other than the sad hinge, all is fine. And as for the hinge, well, Sony might not officially sell replacement parts, but eBay does. And if it's not possible to fix her, and no repair shop will try it, well, then I can get a new one, and Tetra can play anime for another few years before her innards finally pack up - she doesn't need a hinge or a working screen to do that, and it's not a bad end for a laptop, really. My previous one made an excellent webserver for about 5 years after I dropped it and shattered its screen. Really, given the way I treat my laptops, I'm impressed any of them last 3 years, never mind 6 ^^;;

- Sun Kitten, 3rd March '09

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