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And - quoting from LJ, but I don't see the point in rephrasing the same thing for the sake of it - the Mark Experience is over. I feel quite deflated. I'm glad it's over, in a way - I won't have to worry about remembering which aisle I'm coming in on, and which cue I'm supposed to respond to, but I'll miss all the fellowship and the friends I've just made. I feel slightly cheated - we put on two 105-minute performances (almost exactly 15 minutes over time each time), but we only had three rehearsals and the whole thing was all of four days long (not counting the six weeks learning, but that was a bit different). I feel like we should have had a couple of weeks - but who gets a couple of weeks to do something that intense, anyway? The last day was actually the easiest day because we only had to do the performance. The first two rehearsals were after a full day's work, and the last one was all of Saturday with a performance that evening and I was shattered at the end of each day. After the Sunday performance, I was only tired - and still excited.

We've been promised a team meal some time soon, anyway, so I can look forward to that :)

- Sun Kitten, 10th March '09

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