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It was London Expo last weekend - we had a fantastic time :) The comic village was fantastic, with lots of comics to buy (including the new Vampire Free Style, woo!). It was lovely to see some of the other Sweatdrop people I don't live near to, and fun sitting behind our enormous table with the stupidly vast array of books (when did we get so many? o.O;; ). And it was wonderful seeing people enthusiastic about drawing and about comics. That's always good.

I have some fanart (hurray!) to put up, but it's late and I'm tired, so apologies for that - it'll be up next update. I do want to say hi to K & A, who read Ambient Rhythm online, and whose books I signed - and I got to draw in K's sketchbook too (sorry for the cryptic initials; I'm a bit wary of putting names online without asking). Thanks so much for coming up and chatting, it was really good - it's lovely to talk to people who read and like my stuff, it means a lot *^^*

- Sun Kitten, 26th May '09

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