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It was my birthday a couple of days ago, and birthdays multiply fanart, it seems. I have this cute Saryth by Kiri, this lovely card from Laura, and this awesome collage from Denji and Bex - thanks guys! Randomly, someone in the Artists' Alley at the London MCM Expo drew this - it might not count as fanart, but I still like it ^^

There was also something very cool at London Expo, which I haven't mentioned yet - Reya has been published by Markosia! It's still very new, and I'm not sure about online availability, but woo! It's a real book now :D Thanks to everyone who bought one at the Expo, and I will update the site when I know what's happening with online purchasing. As a side effect, Denji has a cute cameo of Reya in her online comic, Far-Out-Mantic - on this page (the girl trying to reach a shelf). It's really cool *^^*

Finally, I'm really sorry about the site outage. Our hosts had major issues with the machine carrying our site, and we lost all the data. The backup exists but it took a while to transfer. Obviously by the time anyone reads this it will all be working again (cross fingers!) but I don't know how long that will be, so apologies!

- Sun Kitten, 29th May '09

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