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It was my birthday recently, and I got lots of lovely things. One of the things I got is the Mabinogion. That is, a translation of the original, with a commentary. The Mabinogion is a collection of ancient Welsh legends, taken from the Red Book of Hergest and the White Book of Rhydderch (which apparently are now located in the Oxford Bodleian library and the National Library of Wales - I didn't realise they still existed!). It includes a lot of Arthur stories, but some of the legends have been placed from about 500BC; they would originally have been passed down orally. They're not just Welsh; they cover legends and folklore from Wales, Cornwall, Brittany, Cumbria and Southwestern Scotland. They're a true repository of ancient lore and culture. It's like holding the Celtic Arabian Nights, the real thing. I can't wait to start reading *^^*

- Sun Kitten, 16th June '09

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