Ambient Rhythm is updated on Tuesday and Friday

I nearly forgot! For the first time in years, I nearly forgot the update! I don't really have an excuse, either - I spent Thursday evening (when I'd normally put the strip up) getting ready to go away very early in the morning, and the strip just didn't get done, amid all the hassle and preparation, even though there was actually time. But it's still Friday, so I made it. Just :)

I won't go on about webcomics now, but I will mention the Tokyo International Anime Fair. I got an email from JTB UK, a travel agent arranging a tour for it, flights, hotel and 1-day ticket all included. If anyone's interested, see their website for details.

One other thing; Sun Fish Moon Fish issue 2 can now be bought online, from Sweatdrop :)

Hopefully Tuesday's update will go a bit smoother!

- Sun Kitten, 2nd October '09

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