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A lot of Japanese comics are printed with the first few pages in colour, and the rest in greyscale. I'm thinking of doing something similar with Artifaxis when it gets printed. However, there is a problem which is related to how the comic is put together. It's printed at A5 size such that four comic pages go on each A4 page, two on each side. Pages 1&2 end up with pages 23&24, for example.

The problem with the first issue of Artifaxis is that the number of pages, while even, is not a multiple of 4, so I can't manipulate it so both pages 1&2 and the last two pages end up on the same A4 sheet, which is the only really cost-effective way to do it. I could just have the first two pages colour, but that means effectively wasting two A5 colour sections, since they're on the same A4 page as the first two colour sections, meaning the colour printing has to be paid for anyway.

So I have two options, either picking some different pages to be coloured, probably the middle ones, or padding the middle with something - maybe some black and white ink art, character sketches or similar. The problem I have with the former option is it's not the normal way to do things and sticking colour in the middle seems odd, and the problem I have with the latter is that I don't want to interrupt the story flow, even though there are scene breaks I can insert the art between. Any opinions, anyone?

Oh, and welcome to Artifaxis - although that's probably a little redundant for most of you  ^.^

- Sun Kitten, 15th February '05

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