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Just one update to Looking for the Sun today - it's the bookmark-style omake for the introduction page, Funky Cabbage. Now I just have issue 15 to redo, 6 title pages to draw, ink, paint and compile and the cover to do. Getting there slowly :)

An idea just popped into my head randomly. How would a comic work if at certain decision points, the character in question asked the readers and acted on their debates and answers? Obviously the fourth wall would be pretty much gone, but that's not necessarily bad. It might be a fun thing to play with at some point. I presume, the web being what it is, this has already been done before - anyone seen any good webcomics like this?

Finally, what on earth is a good logo for Human Resources? Health and Safety? Help! ^^;;

- Sun Kitten, 19th January '07

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