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When I first got interested in anime, we used to go to the London Anime Club every month, spend time with people and go and eat at the Yaohan Plaza, a conglomeration of Oriental and Asian shops with a fantastic food court selling food of every Eastern origin imaginable. I have a lot of fond memories of that place, including putting together the forerunner to Phoenix Feathers while sitting at the food court. They're now intending to knock it down and rebuild it, which is all very well, but they didn't actually consult with any of the communities which will be adversely affected, and there will be no facilities there for the 3 years the reconstruction will take, resulting in a loss of jobs and probably some businesses. There's a petition here that can be signed to request an public inquiry into the decision, if you're interested in the situation.

Also, Nattherat has given me a scanned version of her lovely fanart - go and appreciate it more :)

- Sun Kitten, 6th April '07

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