Artifaxis is updated on Tuesday and Friday

Having spent several evenings trying and failing to make mobile phone emulators work on my laptop, I installed the Java Wireless Toolkit, watched it fail and gave up in disgust. Yesterday, after I tried somewhat clumsily to make it work, Moonshadow came and poked it repeatedly, lying to it about the versions of MIDP and CLDC it was running, reverifying classes and messing with config files all over the place. It still didn't want to work, all the way down to objecting because the config files were saved in DOS mode, not UNIX. It probably didn't help that the up to date version of CLDC I've got is for Windows 2000, not XP (I couldn't find an XP one). Now I have random bits of Java strewn around my C drive, two emulators, neither of which works, and several bits of software that all think they're doing something but actually, what they're really doing is something subtly different. Anyway, eventually at 1:00am I chased Moonshadow away from my poor tired laptop so I could update Artifaxis. I did, in the end, get to listen to the 30 seconds of audio and look at the twenty or so pictures inside the jar. Moonshadow extracted them by telling JustZipIt that the jar file was a zip file really. Honest.

Computers make me laugh. I'm going to bed now.

- Sun Kitten, 22nd June '07

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