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The day we moved, we got the bathroom and bedroom sorted, and the kitchen in working order. Over the days since then, we have unpacked, put up shelving, put books away, arranged furniture and got through countless boxes, seemingly without end, slowly restoring order. But it's only really felt like a proper home since a few days ago. Why? Because that was the day Moonshadow's machine got booted up, filling the living room with the reassuringly familiar whirr of its many fans. It was the day our network drive got switched on and connected, so I could access all the stuff I had archived on it because 40Gb is no longer a big enough hard drive (!) It was the day we could both sit down at our computers, like we used to, and it was also the day when he got the internet connection working, so I no longer have to balance the laptop on my hand in order to keep a tenuous connection to the wireless belonging to the nice people 3 doors down (who said I could use it).

It's good to be home :)

- Sun Kitten, 31st July '07

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