Artifaxis is updated on Tuesday and Friday

There's only about ten-fifteen updates before Artifaxis finishes. Now there's an odd thought! I haven't sorted out the next webcomic, although I've got the general idea, so I think there'll be a break between Artifaxis and its successor. I'll probably work harder at Looking for the Sun during that time ;)

Out of interest - it's not too late to change plans - are there any preferences for the style of webcomic? Looking over the three main comics (Phoenix Feathers, Looking for the Sun, Artifaxis), there are some distinct contrasts. For example, Phoenix Feathers is set entirely in one place, while Looking for the Sun and Artifaxis both centre round travelling. Phoenix Feathers is set up for humour in contrasts to the real world, while both Looking for the Sun and Artifaxis are primarily about telling fantasy stories. Phoenix Feathers was written as single strips; Looking for the Sun and Artifaxis are written as issues (more or less). I can easily see why some things are better than others, but given the following options, which would you prefer?
  • Staying in one place versus travelling
  • Short, (hopefully) funny updates versus longer, more story-driven updates (I sincerely hope that anything I write would have some sort of plot in it, but it's the method of telling the plot that I'm thinking about here)
  • Real world 'spoof' or entirely new world (there is a continuum)
  • Colour, black and white, pencil, or tone (I've pretty much already chosen the medium, but I'm interested in peoples' preference)
  • One or two main characters or a number of major and a plethora of minor characters
  • Multiple arcs or one overriding story (this is the only choice where Artifaxis and Phoenix Feathers are more closely related to each other than either is to Looking for the Sun)
  • Events of earth-shattering significance or slice of (probably not very normal) life (again, there's a continuum)
I'd be very interested to know any preferences or just any thoughts on all of that, or anything else concerning webcomics and storytelling in general :)

- Sun Kitten, 24th August '07

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