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Miriam White

Miriam is a researcher at the University in the city-state of Ember. She has recently been given the somewhat nominal title of head of the department of anomalous artefacts, a department with no prestige and practically no budget. She has no subordinates and is also responsible for the museum of anomalous artefacts (her lab is in fact a small room off the museum). Despite this, she is dedicated to studying the weird objects that clutter up the place, continuing the research begun by her father, who died when she was eight.
Miriam lives in a small apartment in a 'house for professional ladies' that is close to the university, and keeps a grey cat named Ooid whose main interests include food and escaping. Her mother lives across the city in a small house on top of one of the hills by a tram terminus.



Rua is an illegal resident of Ember. His home is unknown, and he maintains an uneasy balance with the police by being useful to them, mainly by catching criminals.



Rain is a street-child from Ember, with an interest in the artifact that was stolen from Miriam's museum.


Arram El Ishaq

Arram is a native of Triaden, where he performs a similar function to Rua, but manages to stay on the right side of the law.



Shirin's origins are unknown. She claims to have the same job - and employer - as Arram, and uses that as a reason to team up with him.


Maren Cato

Maren is a scientist from "Second", the raft off the coast of Sarani where a number of exiled scientists live. He researches a number of things, including plant genetics, although that is not why he was accused of practising Forbidden Science.


Lance Peregrin

Lance, like Miriam, is a researcher and head of department in the University in Ember. Unlike Miriam, he has multiple employees and his department is both flourishing and successful. His attempts to persuade Miriam to go out with him and/or to work for him are somewhat hindered by his inability to resist the temptation to tease her.

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