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The Boy and the Darkness

Sergei Lukjanenko
Permission has now been obtained to make this page and the pages it links to public. A copy of this translation is available on the author's official site.

If you have comments or want to point out errors, send email here. Note: The Russian colloquialism for "A glint of sunlight" is, literally, "Rabbit of sun".
The original Russian text is available on the author's official site, as well as in lib.ru.

Part 1. The Winged.

Chapter 1. The Sun Kitten.
Chapter 2. We wait for dawn.
Chapter 3. The Elders' Club.
Chapter 4. The return of the Sun Kitten.
Chapter 5. Coward.
Chapter 6. True Light, True Sight..
Chapter 7. Caravan.

Part 2 has been removed on request from the author - see discussion.

Translation by Sergei Lewis.
Proofreading mainly by Morag Lewis, Alex Churchill and Mike Jeggo; a large number of individual corrections and suggestions were made by ToothyWikizens.

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