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The inevitable links page

Art+Comics Friends Miscellaneous

  Independent UK amateur manga artists. Online comics to read for free, an online shop to buy comics from, friendly discussion forums and more!

Laura Watton
  Laura's website, with a plethora of images from many years of work.
  Currently hosted on toothycat.net

Emma Vieceli's Artwork
  Emma Vieceli's artwork and comics.

  Art and comics by Sonia Leong.

  Hayden Scott-Baron's artwork.

  Selina Dean's art pages. Cute yet evil..

Irina Richards
  Irina Richard's website - comics and art ^^

  Joanna Zhou's pages, artwork and more.

Flights of Fae
  Faye Yong's site - comics and illustrations.

Stir Fried Pla.net
  Website of Mathew Pallett, containing comics and art, including Artifaxis fan art :)

UK Manga XL
  Run by Wayne Hallows, UK Manga XL reviews small press manga-style comics from the UK.

Neo Magazine
  The UK's only magazine dedicated to anime, manga, Asian films and Asian pop culture. It's usually a pretty good read :)

The Phoenix Comic
  Awesome weekly story comic for children (and adults. Don't think I didn't spot the LARP joke last week).

Studio Foglio
  The website belonging to the people who are responsible for the Girl Genius comic series. There are a host of weird and wonderful things on the site that are worth looking at, and it is generally fun to look around. Check out the page for Transylvania Polygnostic University  ^.^

  Carol's pages, including many possibly incriminating photos and her blog :)
  Currently hosted on toothycat.net

  Website belonging to Raggedyman, in a constant state of flux. Many things lurk therein, and some may be distinctly strange...
  Currently hosted on toothycat.net

John Allister's Pages
  John Allister is a Christian poet.. the article archives make for very interesting reading.

No Cure For Cancer
  Denis Leary: the very best of bitter humour.

Jimg Huger, Heretic
  An... interesting site ^.^

Acts of Gord
  Go now, and read of The Gord, and know that he has walked the path of the Game Store Owner, and that he has suffered for all of us...

uk.religion.christian archives
  A newsgroup that Moonshadow and Sun Kitten used to hang around on, the charter of which describes it as 'for discussion of Christianity in the UK, Christianity from the perspective of UK posters, and general discussion amongst UK Christians'. It features virtual jellybabies, threads whose titles bear no relation whatsoever to the topic under discussion, and intense debates on more topics than you can think of ^.^

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