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Phoenix Feathers is updated on Tuesday and Friday

I am so sorry for the downtime we had for the past couple of days. I'm afraid we can't blame it on anyone but ourselves this time. The webserver died, and instead of rebooting it like normal people do, we decided to remove it and the firewall from their boxes and put them in place on the new shelf. In doing so, Moonshadow raked a screwdriver across the motherboard of the firewall and it is now non-functioning. It was a very sad occurrence. The 'new' firewall (it's still running off the same floppy) was a gift from my Grandpa - it's a 486, not as fast as the new one used to be, and not as amenable to having different ethernet cards in all its slots. Sorting it out took two days, since we've been really busy.

At least we were in time for the strip update  ^.^

By way of another update or as close as I can come at the present time, the next chunk of the First Story is all storyboarded, and I now know the layout of the first part (no, I didn't before today). There will be five 'chunks' of which the First Story is one, and a small epilogue. All that in itself comprises the first part of a seven or eight-part story (the parts correspond roughly to years). 'Tis a long-term project. At the moment I haven't finished drawing the second chunk but I hope (*really* hope) it won't be too long now  ^.^

- Sun Kitten, 3.5.02

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